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Fat burning power

Amongst the several factors that define this generation namely growth of Internet and improvement in communication to name few, probably one that has managed to hog the maximum limelight pertains to obesity and weight loss. Whether it is due to change in eating habits or the result of leading a hectic lifestyle, weight has become an issue of concern, especially with more and more people being classified as obese. Given the circumstances, it is not difficult to explain the proliferation of numerous weight loss supplements into the health segment. However, how many of these are truly genuine?

The past two decades have been witness to the so-called miraculous weight loss supplements hitting the market only to be reported a few years later as being unsafe for consumption. Most of them were found to cause severe side effects and bear a negative impact on the health of the user to the extent of resulting in life-long medical conditions. What could probably have led to such a situation is that users never explored in depth the ingredients that made up the supplement and by the time they realized that harmful chemicals were being used, it was too late.

In such a situation, how would you react if told that there is indeed a weight loss supplement which is effective and yet safe? Christened as VivExilis, this weight loss supplement is like its predecessors in certain ways and yet totally different in many other ways. While the similarity arises from the fact that it comprises of pills that need to be taken as per the instructions provided on labels, the difference lies in terms of its components all of which are natural. Therefore, the fact that this supplement is capable of causing weight loss without any side effects unlike its counterparts is strongly indicative of its authenticity.

Rather than jump to conclusions, a better way of judging VivExilis entails checking out its components one by one and then taking a decision pertaining to its safety. On putting a single pill under the microscope and scrutinizing it closely, it is evident that much of the pill comprises of Garcinia Cambodgia, a green-color fruit that resembles a pumpkin and is native to Indonesia. Characterized with a skin that is as thin as paper and lobes that cut deep vertical columns along the length of the fruit, it is used in cooking to lend a ‘sour’ flavor and is believed to act as a catalyst for the digestive system.

It was in 2012 that Garcinia Cambodgia’s ability to bring about weight loss was discovered by a renowned American television personality. According to him, consuming Garcinia extract was not just an effective method of losing weight but also natural since the fruit by itself carried the reputation of aiding and stimulating digestion. Thus, the possibility of any side effects manifesting was reduced to minimum and the user was likely to lose substantial amount of weight without compromising on his health.

Scientific research into the fruit led to the finding that this fruit is naturally enriched with hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which on consumption possesses the ability to block an enzyme that acts on excess sugar and transforms it into fat. Thus, consuming an extract of this fruit in form of VivExilis disrupts the body’s mechanism to produce fat and the outcome is weight loss.

Other advantages that render VivExilis effective as a weight loss agent are its vegan base and being completely devoid of ephedra, sugar, gluten, yeast and dairy products. It is even free of preservatives and any artificial flavor, sweetener or color, meaning there are hardly any chemical additives that could harm your internal health.

That said, VivExilis should be avoided by users who suffer from diabetes since its main component Garcinia Cambodgia causes sugar to drop at alarmingly low levels. Physicians warn its usage in case of Alzheimer’s and dementia too because these conditions by themselves are severe enough to warrant a particular form of treatment and medications.

Hence, if you are one of those who are look out for a weight loss product that would enable you to slim down without having to face any drastic consequences, VivExilis is something that you must seriously consider.

Additional Information

(ALL are provided by producer)

  • Fucoxanthin
  • Caralluma Fimbriata
  • Gymnema Sylvestre
  • Saffron
  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia Cambogia


Testing showed high safety level and any side effects

  • Safe ingredients
  • NO allergies
  • Vegan
  • NO GMO

You should not use VivExilis if you are:

  • pregnant
  • nurcing
  • under 18 years old
USA HealthGen LLC. It is produced in United States. You can find all information about Manufacturer on VivExilis web-page.


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